Buy My Banshee Engine

We Buy Yamaha Banshee ENGINES, Local or Long Distance

Re-Do Banshee Parts and Accessories sells tested or refurbished engines... but we are also interested in buying your old, broken engine.  We can give you a Re-Do Banshee store credit towards a new engine or other Banshee parts, pay you cash if you bring it to our shop, or if you ship it to us, we can send you an electronic payment.  

If your engine stopped running or broke down, it might be easier, faster, safer, and less expensive to buy a new engine and swap it out rather than trying to fix yours.  An engine swap in your Banshee is a lot easier and faster than fixing it yourself...

  • taking your engine out of your Banshee
  • taking it apart
  • diagnosing it
  • checking the cylinder and possibly getting the cylinder bored
  • checking the crank shaft and possibly replacing it or having it machined by a shop
  • replacing the engine case if it's broken
  • buying other new parts and collecting all the parts you need
  • putting the engine all back together - correctly
  • reinstalling it in your Banshee
  • using the right 2 stroke oil ratio to break it in
  • heat cycling the engine to make sure it's properly broken in before you ride it
  • waiting for professional engine work to be completed (especially if there's a waiting list!)
  • repairing it AGAIN if something went wrong...

Unless you are a mechanic, it would be easier and faster to buy another engine already broken in and tested, and just swap it out.  You could get this done in a few hours on a Saturday, then be ready to ride on Sunday!

Why do we want your old, broken Banshee engine? 

We buy broken Banshee engines because we are set up to fix them, test them, break them in, and resell them.  We buy whole Banshees local to us, or we can buy a broken engine long distance and you can ship it to us.

Contact us for shipping requirements.

 Save the Box Program!

When you buy a Banshee engine from RE-DO Banshee and we ship it to you – SAVE THE BOX used to ship you your new engine! Re-Use the box and packaging to pack up your old engine and ship it back to us. We can send you a shipping label. This is an easy way to sell us your old, broken engine you are replacing to offset some of the cost of the new engine. Once we receive it from you, we will inspect it and let you know what we can pay you for it. 

Call or message us to take advantage of this cool offer. RE-DO Banshee will then give you directions on the next steps to take.


We are located in Salem, Oregon. We buy Banshees fast with cash in Oregon, SW Washington, and the Pacific Northwest.  We buy Banshee ENGINES from nearly anywhere in the US.  Clean out your garage, get some CASH in your wallet, and make some room!  Contact us today to receive a no obligation offer from us. 

For more info about selling us your Banshee engine or parts, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Call us today at 541-419-6054, or fill out our contact form.  We will be in contact with you shortly. 


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