Engine Repairs or Rebuilds

If your Banshee engine stopped running or doesn't sound right, we can help you diagnose the problem.  We can test it or take it apart to inspect it and evaluate the condition. 

Fixing your engine yourself can be quite a project.  It might be easier, faster, safer, and less expensive to hire us to repair or rebuild your engine. We have the tools. We specialize and focus on Banshees, so we have the knowledge. We know most of the tricks and nuances for fixing Banshees. 

Unless you are a mechanic, it would be easier and faster to have Re-Do Banshee repair or rebuild your engine - or - build it up a little for added performance.  We can:

  • Suggest a practical plan to repair or build your Banshee engine.  We can help you get the most bang 💥💥 for your buck 💵. 
  • Provide advice on which combo of engine parts will get you the performance you want.
  • Explain the trade-offs for tuning or building your engine for different riding conditions and riding styles.
  • Help you find the right balance between performance and reliability for your Banshee, and recommend parts combos and setups. 
  • Test, tune, and break in your engine so it's ready to go! 💨

NEW! Ship Your Engine to Re-Do Banshee For Repairs 

Do you live too far away for it to make sense to bring your Banshee to us for repairs?  We can help you ship your engine to us for repairs or rebuild. Once your Banshee engine is in our shop, we have a test stand we can put your engine in to get it running, tune it, test it, and break it in (heat cycle it) for you. Once we are sure we have everything working just right, we can ship it back to you and you can reinstall it in your Banshee. 

If you are interested in shipping your Banshee engine to us for repairs, click this link for more info about How to Pack & Ship Your Banshee Engine to our shop. 

If you have any questions, call us to discuss your project or help you diagnose the needed repairs.