Pack and Ship a Banshee Engine

Re-Do Banshee's process for shipping engines has evolved over the years.  We've tried a few different ways to ship them, and this page describes our current best practices and suggestions to pack and ship your Banshee engine

Keep scrolling for a video explaining our packing process and materials. 

If you are shipping an engine to Re-Do Banshee, we can make this easy for you! All you need to do is:

  • Purchase a Banshee Engine Packing Kit.  
  • Scroll down for the directions to pack your engine.
  • Click here for print-friendly directions
  • Follow the directions using the supplies in the kit.
  • Take your packaged Banshee engine to UPS and ship it to us.

Kit Includes:

  • Double wall box with all the needed packing supplies in it.
  • Our shipping cost to get the box to you. This is for the lower 48 states.

Another Option - Save the Box Program!

When you buy a Banshee engine from RE-DO Banshee and we ship it to you – SAVE THE BOX used to ship you your new engine! 

Re-Use the box and packaging to pack up your old engine and ship it back to us. We can send you a shipping label.

This is an easy way to sell us your old, broken engine you are replacing to offset some of the cost of the new engine. Once we receive it from you, we will inspect it and let you know what we can pay you for it. 

Call or message us to take advantage of this cool offer. RE-DO Banshee will then give you directions on the next steps to take.

How to Package Your Banshee Engine


  • 1 - Box sized 18" x 18" x 18". Need to be double wall thickness.
    (Box must be minimum 16" high.)
  • 4 - 2" x 4" boards cut to 17.5" long. Can use 1" x 3" boards. 
  • 8 - Screws or nails. Used to fasten the boards together.
  • 4 - Plugs:
    • 2 for spark pug holes
    • 1 for clutch cover
    • 1 - for cylinder head - coolant opening
  • 4 - Plastic bags - to cover intake & exhaust ports.
  • 4 - Rubber bands - to hold plastic bags on.
  • Lollipop shrink wrap - used to shrink wrap engine to pallet.
  • Packing paper - to wad up under the engine.
  • 2 to 4 - Pool noodles - to place on top and around engine. We buy them at Dollar Tree. 
  • Tape - for the box.
  • 4 - Straps - for outside the box (if you are able). 

Steps to Pack the Engine:

  1. Drain the engine of all fluids. UPS requires this. It reduces weight and most importantly, they don't allow flammable liquids.
  2. Put plastic bags over the intake & exhaust ports. Use rubber bands to hold them on.
  3. Plug the holes for spark plugs, clutch cover, and cylinder head. 
  4. Create a wood pallet for the engine to sit on.
    1. This can be made from 4 pieces of 2" x 4" or 1" x 3" wood.
    2. Cut wood pieces to 17.5" lengths (length should be 1/2" shorter than the size of box you use).
    3. Screw the wood together in a tic tac toe format. 
  5. Set the engine on top of the wood pallet. 
  6. Use the lollipop shrink wrap to firmly attach the engine to the pallet. 
  7. Tape the box securely on the bottom. 
  8. Wad up paper in the bottom of the box for the pallet to rest on top of. Make it thicker in the middle.
  9. Set the pallet with engine attached down in the box on top of the wadded up paper. Press down firmly.
  10. Put the pool noodles around the top of the engine to take up any extra space in the box. This helps hold the engine in place during shipping.
  11. Tape the box closed securely.
  12. If you are able - add 4 straps to the outside of the box in a tic tac toe pattern (when looking down at the top). This adds an extra layer of protection to keep all the packing materials in place. 
  13. Take your package to UPS to ship. We've found they are the least expensive. 
  14. Insure the package for at least $1000. This will not cover the cost if it is lost, but it will likely cover the cost of any damage during shipping. 

  Call us 📞📱 if you have any questions!