Vapor Honing

Re-Do Banshee offers Vapor Honing as a service to clean up your Banshee parts.  This is also known as wet blasting, vapor blasting, dustless blasting, or simply vapor honing.

Our vapor honing machine manufactured by Vapor Honing Technologies uses an abrasive media made from Glass Bead which is mixed with water and air to clean and polish. Our system is gentle and can be used on rubber and plastic parts, as well as metal. This is an effective way to clean parts quickly and thoroughly.

If you are interested in having Re-Do Banshee Vapor Blast your parts, please contact us or call us at 541-419-6054 to discuss your project. 

What is Vapor Honing?

Vapor Honing was developed in the 1960s for the aerospace industry.

Vapor Honing describes the process of mixing water and abrasive media together and shooting it at a part's surface using compressed air. The water creates a cushion between the Abrasive and the Surface allowing the Vapor Honing to leave behind a "Like New" result. This process can be used to Clean, Polish, Remove Paint, or Prep for Coatings. It eliminates the dust and reduces the use of chemicals. 



Vapor Honing combines 3 things into 1 system.

  1. Water
  2. Compressed Air
  3. Abrasive Particles. This includes particles such as Glass Bead, Aluminum oxide, Silicone Carbide, or Soda Blast.

Glass bead particles are very fine, making them ideal to use on items for polishing or general cleaning. Re-Do Banshee uses glass bead particles in our vapor honing (blasting) machine. We use the glass bead particles because they are gentle enough to clean plastic and rubber parts, but they also do a great job cleaning metal. 

In contrast, much heavier particles, such as aluminum oxide, can also be used to de burr or cut surfaces and remove tougher materials.

    Vapor Honing combines water with your choice of abrasive. The equipment then blasts these onto the surfaces you want to clean using compressed air. Media is contained inside the vapor honing machine and is recycled to be used again and again. Because the water acts as a cushion, the abrasive will last longer in the machine. As the particles hit whatever you want to remove, they break it up and wash it away. This means you can then rinse the surface and the remaining debris will wash away.

    Vapor Honing (Blasting) vs. Sandblasting

    Abrasive blasting equipment helps you to clean surfaces and objects quickly and thoroughly.


    Vapor Honing uses a Glass Bead media mixed with water and is blasted against the surface using compressed air. Dust is weighted down by water. Vapor Honing cleans by flow, leaving your parts looking brand new.

    Sandblasting targets the area you want to clean by directing dry particles at it at high-pressure. It was the original blast cleaning technique used in America. It produces dust and debris, creating a harmful breathing environment. Sandblasting cleans by impact, leaving a flat finish.

    While both processes have been around for quite some time and will clean effectively, there are some distinct differences.

    • Vapor Honing cleans by flow and not impact. Therefore you have no dust, no heat warping, and a "Like New" finish.
    • Sandblasting generates harmful dust and a flat finish.

    When considering Vapor Honing vs. Sandblasting, be sure to notice the differences in the surface result.

    If you are interested in having Re-Do Banshee Vapor Hone your parts, please contact us or call us at 541-419-6054 📱📞 to discuss your project.