All Rite Thumbuddy ATV Throttle Extenders

All Rite Thumbuddy ATV Throttle Extenders

Is your thumb DYING after a long ride?  Would you like to ride longer if only your thumb wouldn't cramp up?  Does the reach for your throttle seem too big or too small for your hand?  This may be just the part to help you out. 👍

Thumbuddy Throttle Extenders can be bent and formed to provide a custom fit for either large or small hands. This eliminates thumb and hand fatigue on long rides. The throttle extender fits most thumb throttles. It is not recommended for oversized and odd shaped thumb throttles, but it seems to fit Banshee throttles just fine. The core is made from bendable stainless steel and it is covered in thick, soft rubber.

And another great thing about these throttle extenders?  They are made in the good ole USA!

The Thumbuddy comes in 2 styles (click a link to buy):


Here are some excerpts from helpful online reviews we found: 

  • Much more control of my machine with this thumb extension in place.

  • This really relieves the pressure on the thumb. Easy to adjust for your liking. Softer than OEM throttle. Also, it is easer for small hands to use the gas.

  • My daughter was having finger cramps from writing. I figured I would try this product out. She seems to really like it, and says her finger does not cramp up. 

  • This Thumb Throttle is perfect for my hands. It reduces my hand fatigue a great deal. Now I can ride all day. 

  • Need it to relieve stress on arthritic hand and it certainly helps.

  • At first glance this looks a little cheesy and you wonder if it's going to work. It really does! I installed this on a snowmobile because I have smaller hands and I was getting very fatigued after longer rides. It took a little getting used to but after 10-15 miles, a couple hills and twists and turns, I could already tell the difference in my thumb, wrist and arm. On the smooth, flat straightaways I can drive with my palm and give my thumb a rest. But on hills or sharp turns where I feel that I need more control, I can easily switch to using my thumb on either the throttle itself or the extended Thumbuddy depending on the situation. I recommend giving this a shot if you are having trouble pushing the throttle or are having arm/wrist/hand/thumb fatigue.

  • If you have arthritis or just a sore thumb, this is for you.

  • I bought this for my Father.  He says it made a big difference for him.  Less hand and thumb fatigue on longer runs, and super easy installation.

  • My wife has small hands and her thumb was tired on the throttle of our atv. This extension worked perfectly as she can now control the throttle much easier.
Have you used a Thumbbuddy Throttle extender?  How did you like it?  Let us know in the comments. ⬇️ 
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