Fix My Banshee

Re-Do Banshee offers services to fix and tune your Banshee.  There are other quality shops who focus on building drag or race Banshees.  We generally focus on tuning and fixing Banshees with stock or bolt on aftermarket replacement parts, or rebuilding engines. 

Need someone to: 

  • Help diagnose the problem?
  • Replace the necessary parts once the problem has been figured out?  
  • Tune up your Banshee and make it run great?  
  • Swap out an engine for you? 
  • Rebuild an engine with stock or aftermarket parts?

We can help!  We likely have all or many of the needed parts in stock and can replace them quickly.  

We are good at tuning and tweaking your Banshee to make it run like it should.  For more information, give us a call at 541-419-6054 to ask questions or describe the work you're looking for - or fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch soon!


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