Filtering Products to Find What You Need 🛒

Filtering Products to Find What You Need 🛒

Try out Filter and Sort

to help find the products you are looking for.  These will work better and better as we keep adding info to products! Here are some quick tips:

  • Try clicking on one or more items like Brand, Color, or Condition to reduce the number of products you see.
  • Click Remove all to remove all the filters.
  • Click Sort by: and select Date, newest to oldest to see most recently added products. Next sort the products in a different way.

Here are the products you can expect to find when using the Product Filters. 


  • Factory OEM - A product that is original equipment for a Banshee. It has not been modified. It might have been painted or need refinished.
  • Factory OEM Modified - A product that started out as original equipment, but it has been modified. Examples are cut fenders, OEM swingarms that have been extended, OEM seats with an aftermarket cover, OEM parts that have been chromed, etc.
  • Other Brands can include both new and used parts.

 Stock Item:

  • New - New Products we will reorder to keep on hand when they are sold.
  • Used - Used Products we replenish. We have a lot of used nuts and bolts that are stock items. When we sell out, we may just need to make up more kits and add the quantity to the website.
  • Special Order - We don't have it on hand, but we can order it for you!
  • Discontinued - Generally new products we will not get any more of. Brand may have went out of business, etc.


  • In Stock - All products that are currently in stock
  • Out of Stock - Includes:
    • Stock Items that are New and Used
    • Special Order Items we can order
    • Products that are not stock (unique one-time used parts) may show for 1-2 days after they are sold.  After that, they become invisible.


Are you always searching for those rare colors like pink, violet, or turquoise?  Search quickly to see all parts in a color you want. 

How to REMOVE Filters

  • Click Remove all to remove all filters and start over.
  • Click the X next to any circled filters.  These are between the filters you can choose from and the products. 

We may update this article and add a video later.  We will keep adding info to products to make our product filtering work better and better!  👌


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