High Performance Banshee D-Arms Replace J-Arms

High Performance Banshee D-Arms Replace J-Arms

These popular D-Arms are beautiful, heavy duty replacements for the J-Arms that came stock on Banshees manufactured in 1987-1990. 

When installing them, you will need to save and re-use your sleeves, ride tubes, and caps from your OEM J-Arms on the new D-Arms. 

    The D-Arms are fabricated from raw steel tubing. Flat metal gussets are cut and welded in place to add stiffness and durability. To protect the metal, you will need to paint or powder coat them. We’ve had a few customers who liked the metal look and clear coated them to protect them while still showing off the beautiful workmanship. 

    We keep Meticulous Metal Works busy fabricating these as often as we can, but the D-Arms sell quickly each time we get them in stock. If we do have them in stock, you’d better jump on ordering them before they are gone! 

    Product link: High Performance Banshee D-Arms   (If they are out of stock, you'll see a "Page not Found" message.)


    Meticulous Metal Works does fabrication with aluminum, sheet metal, stainless steel, & tubes.

    Do you already have a set of these D-Arms on your Banshee?  How are they working out?  Please let us know in the comments. ⬇️

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