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Re-Do Banshee Recommends KLOTZ BeNOL Racing 2-Stroke Oil

UPDATE:  We posted a link to this article on our FaceBook page on 6/5/2023.  Let's just say the feedback was interesting. 🤣  We want to thank everyone for their comments. We sincerely appreciate it. We have contacted KLOTZ for their take on what we should recommend to our customers.  We will either update this article, or post a new article and provide a link to it from here.  

Original Article: 

What 2-Stroke oil should I run in my Banshee? 

Virgil has run KLOTZ BeNOL Racing 2-Stroke Premix Castor Oil in his Banshees for 10+ years. Virgil has never had an engine failure while running KLOTZ BeNOL oil in his own Banshees at a 40:1 fuel to oil ratio.  He mixes fuel at a 40:1 ratio because it offers good protection, and it's not so thick that it fouls the spark plugs. He recommends NOT mixing it any leaner than 40:1.

The 2-stroke oil mixed with the fuel lubricates crank bearings, piston pin bearings, lower rod bearings, as well as the piston to cylinder cycle. 

KLOTZ BeNOL is a popular oil for Banshee riders and on online Banshee forums. Re-Do Banshee highly recommends KLOTZ BeNOL oil, and that's why we keep it in stock. 

Re-Do Banshee stocks and sells KLOTZ BeNOL 2-Stroke oil in 2 sizes (click the links): 

KLOTZ BeNOL can be used in weather temperatures 35°F and higher.  Do not use below 35°F.  If you ride in colder temps, especially below 40°F, we recommend using KLOTZ Super Techniplate Synthetic Lubricant 2-Stroke Premix Oil. Both can be mixed with methanol, ethanol, nitromethane, gasoline, and E-85 fuels. 

    Here's a funny side note.  Virgil started using KLOTZ BeNOL in his gas-powered chainsaws.  He then had to retune the chainsaws because they run so much better on the KLOTZ BeNOL gas mix.  They are now running like high-performance racing chainsaws, LOL. 🤣

    What 2-Stroke oil do you prefer to use?  Please comment below. ⬇️

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    I run klotz benoil 24 :1 in my husqvarna cr 125 and my yamaha it, neither of them have problems with plug fouling , Castor is the only oil I’ll run in any high rpm 2 stroke

    Paul ragan

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