Powder Coated Parts for Sale at Re-Do Banshee

Powder Coated Parts for Sale at Re-Do Banshee

Who likes powder coated parts?  We do!!  Re-Do Banshee takes old, scratched up or painted parts where the finish doesn't look very good and we send them out to be powder coated.  We do the work for you! We then list these for sale on our website. 

If you see a part on our website you WISH was powder coated, you can also ask us to powder coat it for you.  We'll negotiate a new price to include the price of the new finish. You can pick your favorite color. After we get it back with the new, beautiful, powder coated finish, we will ship it to you. What could be easier than that? 

Colors currently available are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple

It's usually a fairly quick turn around to get the parts back, but ask us about the timeline when you contact us. You can call us at 541-409-6054. 

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