Quick Tip --> To Keep Your Banshee in (sound) Check!

Quick Tip --> To Keep Your Banshee in (sound) Check!

Everyone has heard the saying “loud pipes save lives,” however in the Oregon dunes, loud pipes will get you a couple hundred dollar citation from local law enforcement! Not only is it important to follow the rules (so we can keep our dunes open) but also improperly packed, or unpacked silencers on your Banshee can cause your bike to run poorly. Re-Do Banshee Parts has a quick muffler packing tip that can save you time and money and keep your Banshee cruising the dunes without a ticket.

Step 1:

You can buy cheap housing insulation in a small package at Lowes or Home Depot for just a few bucks and it works really well for muffler packing.

Step 2:

Pull your silencer end caps off and take out the perforated tube and the old remnant packing in the silencer. You need to inspect the perforated tube to make sure it has not broken or that the ends are not worn off to the point that they do not sit inside the cap anymore when it is all put together. If the perf tube is worn off on the ends and is too short to stay in the cap where it belongs you will need to replace it. The reason for this is, if and when the packing wears out, if the tube is not long enough it will fall out of alignment with the flow of the exhaust and can cause that side of the exhaust not to flow correctly.

Step 3:

Cut a piece of the insulation to the desired length and width of the perforation tube. The housing insulation from Lowes or Home Depot will be too thick for the purpose we are using it for so we like to actually split the sheet of insulation in half making it thinner (see figure A.)

Step 4:

Wrap the insulation tightly around the perforation tube keeping it small enough to fit back into the silencer. Next using electrical tape, wrap one time around the middle of the tube and each end of the tube so it looks like this (see figure B.) Using the electrical tape holds the packing in place while you insert the tube back into the silencer and then when it gets hot the electrical tape releases the and the packing can expand to fill the entire silencer.

Step 5:

Insert the perf tube and put your end cap on carefully making sure that the perf tube is aligned in the stinger tube and the end cap.


That’s our quick tip to keeping your Banshee in (sound) check. We hope that was helpful, and until next time….. happy trails!!!

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