Clutch Lever Adjustment Shortcut

Clutch Lever Adjustment Shortcut

To adjust the free play on your clutch lever, the Clymer Manuals for Yamaha Banshee 1987-2006 recommends the following on page 69 for:

"Clutch Adjustment

Clutch free play adjustment:
  1. Measure the clutch lever free play at the end of the clutch lever; see Figure 45. Correct free play is 10-15 mm (0.4-0.6 in.). If free play is incorrect, perform Step 2.
  2. At the clutch lever loosen the locknut (A, Figure 46) and turn the adjuster (B) in or out to obtain the correct amount of free play.  Tighten the locknut.
  3. If the proper amount of free play cannot be achieved at the clutch lever adjuster, perform the Clutch Mechanism Adjustment.

    Clutch mechanism adjustment

    If you cannot obtain the correct clutch adjustment with the cable adjuster, adjust the clutch mechanism..."

    The clutch lever free play is measured at the end of a STOCK clutch lever in the manual's directions.  An aftermarket lever may have a different measurement.  This makes the Clymer manual's method of measurement not as helpful if you have a cool aftermarket clutch lever. (But, we still love this manual 😉)

    The shortcut Virgil uses to adjust the clutch lever is to use a nickel as a standard distance gauge to measure the free play between the clutch lever and the perch. This quick shortcut is an accurate and easy way to adjust both stock OEM levers and aftermarket levers. 

    How do you like this shortcut? Let us know in the comments ⬇️

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