Stator Plate Bolts 🔩 came loose? 😱🤬

Stator Plate Bolts 🔩 came loose? 😱🤬

A common story... 

Your Banshee is running great, when it SUDDENLY makes a squealing sound and the engine stalls. You try to restart it, but it will not turn over.  Kickstarter will not budge.  You're cussing now and thinking the worst. 

Don't panic yet. 

Make sure you check the bolts on the stator plate. This is relatively easy to check. It should be ruled out before thinking the worst, and before moving on to find or rule out other causes for the engine not turning over. 

If one of the stator plate bolts came loose it can wedge against the flywheel. This prevents the flywheel and the engine from turning. To tighten these bolts, the flywheel needs to be removed with a flywheel puller.

Re-Do Banshee uses this Motion Pro Flywheel Puller in our shop daily, and we sell it on our website.  It's a tool we trust, and that makes it easy for us to give precise instructions to our customers like:

  1. The flywheel puller is first screwed to the flywheel. The jack bolt on the puller is tightened to release the flywheel. 

  2. The puller screw has left-hand threads.  If you don't know it has left hand threads, you may damage the threads on the flywheel.  The puller is made of very hard tool steel. 

  3. It's very common for the threads in the fly wheel to be packed full of dirt and debris.  This makes attaching the puller to the flywheel difficult, which can lead to people only attaching the puller to 1 or 2 threads. 

  4. When the puller is not screwed in enough, and when they run down the jack bolt, it causes the puller to pull the threads out of the flywheel...  #@&%!!  It's advisable that the puller be screwed into the flywheel with 3 full rotations before you try to tighten the jack bolt.

  5. With the puller firmly attached to the flywheel, you should be able to safely remove the flywheel without damage

  6. Remove and inspect the stator plate bolts.  Replace any damaged bolts. Install each new stator plate bolt with a very small drop or dot of blue thread locker - to keep this from happening again. 

  7. Reinstall the flywheel. Put the rest of your Banshee back together. 

Crisis averted!  Now get out there and RIDE!

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