Jose Visits Re-Do Banshee from Puerto Rico

Jose Visits Re-Do Banshee from Puerto Rico


Jose is a long distance customer who stopped by to meet us.  He traveled to the area all the way from Puerto Rico!  He was on vacation and took some time to stop by our shop in Salem, OR.  We've done a lot of business with Jose for a few years now.  It was awesome to meet in person, hang out, and talk about Banshees.  

Jose usually buys used parts here and there as we have them available. He really likes the OEM parts we offer.  Because he buys larger quantities, we collect them for him as he buys and ship him a pallet of parts at a time. This saves him quite a bit in shipping costs, and his parts are easier to track. 

If any of our customers are coming through Salem, please stop by and say, "Howdy," to us. 

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