Melissa's Beautiful 1987 Banshee

Melissa's Beautiful 1987 Banshee

This is an early 1987 Banshee, and it’s a really nice, clean build. 

Melissa brought this bike in to us to take a look at it.  It would not run. After diagnosing it, we rebuilt the engine's top end. We installed new bores, pistons, and crankshaft. Then we heat cycled the engine to break it in. 

To break in the engine, we mixed Klotz 2-Stroke oil with gas at a 32:1 ratio for a little more lubrication while breaking it in.  Normal oil to gas ratio is 40:1. We then ran it and got it up to operating temperature 4 times with cooldowns in between. We made sure it was tuned up and running great before we gave it back.  Now it runs really strong.  👍😎

Something that stands out about this particular Banshee is that it may have been built by Cascade Innovations. We think this may have been built very early in Cascade Innovations’ Banshee building era. Cascade Innovations is known for building some very beautiful, themed bikes. 

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Melissa's Banshee was not a theme bike, but it might be a bike that they built before they started building their theme bikes. It does have some of the characteristics of their Banshee builds.

  • It has lots of billet, lots of chrome, and lots of hyacinth flowers on the billet and chrome parts.
  • Another unique feature on Melissa’s bike is the front wheels and tires. They are 10” wide instead of the factory 7”, or common 9” aftermarket width. One of Cascade Innovations’ signature upgrades is that they used 10” wide buffed tires.
  • It also has a full chrome frame in great shape. You don’t see that very often.

We are so happy Melissa trusted us with the repairs on her beautiful and unique Banshee. 

What do you like about this Banshee?  Let us know in the comments ⬇️

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