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Where do you buy the Banshee parts you sell?

We buy Yamaha Banshees in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.  We take them apart, clean up and fix the parts, and sell them on our website.

We can also buy Banshee engines nationwide. For more information on shipping your engine to us, click here to Pack and Ship Your Banshee Engine.

What if I want to fix my Banshee?

Well, you have a few options:

  1. You can watch YouTube videos and try to fix your Banshee yourself. RE-DO Banshee Parts and Accessories has some Yamaha Banshee tutorial videos on our YouTube channel that might be helpful to you.  We also SELL Banshee parts on our website if you need to replace something. 

  2. Maybe you have a friend who can help you work on your Banshee to get it running and working right. Just be sure to pick a friend who is good at working on ATVs and tuning Banshees!

  3. You can also contact us and RE-DO Banshee might be able to help you diagnose your Banshee, tune it up, or buy the right parts to fix it. Some of our customers have called us up with questions about parts and repairs. 

    If it’s running rough, we might ask you to start up your Banshee so we can hear it run, maybe even over the phone.  Or we might ask you to text us some pictures or do a video call with us.  Then we might offer suggestions on how to adjust your Banshee, or if we might suggest you replace some worn parts

    If you do need parts for your Banshee, we sell stock OEM and aftermarket Banshee parts on our website at redo-parts.com.

  4. You can take your Banshee to a motorcycle or ATV repair shop and pay them to fix it for you. If you go this route, ask them to diagnose it first.  Then ask them to give you a WRITTEN ESTIMATE or quote for the cost of the work BEFORE starting any repair work on your Banshee.  You may need to sign a contract and pay a deposit to get the work started.

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How do I sell my Banshee?  I don’t want to or can’t afford to fix it.

One way or the other, you’ll have to get the word out or advertise your Banshee is for sale. 

  • You can use word of mouth and tell all your friends.  They might happen to know someone who wants to buy a project Banshee. 
  • You can also post online ads and sell your Banshee “as-is.” 

Your potential buyers will probably be people looking for a project Banshee to build back to stock, or to add after-market parts to. 

  • They will probably want a deep discount because they won’t know what kind of problems the Banshee or its parts have.  
  • They might want to change out some of the parts to build it the way they want it.  They might not want all the parts. These parts won't add much value to the Banshee to them.
  • You might have to deal with tire kickers and no-shows.
  • You’ll probably have multiple strangers coming to your house who’ll get to see your tools in your garage and know where you live.  Not everyone likes that.

If you have extra parts in your garage, then you’ll need to figure out what to do with them.  You can always post more ads to sell those parts.  Then you’ll have more people contacting you and more messages and calls to deal with.

You can take your Banshee apart and sell individual parts.  Again, you can post online ads.  But then you’ll also have even more messages and calls to deal with and respond to, more tire-kickers and no shows, and more negotiating to do! 

If you have the time - and like to negotiate - then this might be a great way to go!

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Selling my Banshee seems like a lot of work.  What’s an easy way to sell my project Banshee?

RE-DO Banshee buys several Banshees each month, and we are interested in buying your Banshee.  It doesn’t have to be running or even put together.  Is your engine in pieces?  Is your Banshee missing an engine? That’s ok!  We can buy your project and any extra Banshee parts you have in your garage. 

Clean out your garage, get some CASH in your hand, and make some room!  Give us a call or fill out our contact form today.  We will be in touch with you shortly. 

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What’s a quick and easy way to sell my running Banshee?  Do you buy those??

Yes, we do.  RE-DO Banshee is always buying Yamaha Banshees.  We buy them running or not. 

Give us a call or fill out our contact form.  We will be in touch with you shortly.  Then we can work out a sale that works for you.  RE-DO Banshee can give you a fair, no obligation CASH offer.  When we buy your Banshee, you get CASH in your hand.

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What about Banshee parts?  Do you buy those?

  • I fixed up my Banshee. I added aftermarket pipes and exhaust.  I also added an extended swingarm and changed the plastics.  Would you buy the stock or after market parts I took off my Banshee

  • Absolutely! RE-DO Banshee can buy any extra Banshee parts you have in your garage, your Yamaha Banshee, OR both!

  • Clean out your garage, get some CASH in your hand NOW, and make some room!

  • Give us a call at 541-419-6054, or fill out our contact form today.  We will be in touch with you shortly. 


"Save the Box" Program!

When you buy Banshee parts from RE-DO Banshee and we ship them to you – SAVE THE BOX!  Find some extra parts in your garage, ship them back to us in the box, and sell them to us

Call or message us to take advantage of this cool offer.  We will then provide directions on next steps.

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If you buy my Banshee or parts, how does that work?

Great question!  RE-DO Banshee collects your information over the phone or from your contact form.  We will ask you for pictures of your Banshee and any parts you want to sell.  You can text them to us.  We talk over the phone and come up with a deal that works for both of us.  We then give you a fair, no obligation CASH OFFER. 

Once we meet in person, we verify the Banshee and parts, fill out a bill of sale or receipt, and pay you CASH for your Yamaha Banshee and Banshee parts.  We strive to provide high quality customer service and treat people right.  

Easy Peasy.  We buy them running or not.  We buy stock, OEM Banshees.  We buy Banshees with aftermarket parts.   We buy the extra Banshee parts in your garage.  We buy package deals.  RE-DO Banshee buys most things related to Banshees!

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Okay, what if I need to sell MORE THAN ONE Banshee?

Most buyers only want to buy one Banshee.  If you decide to sell them yourself, you'll have multiple ads to keep track of, many tire kickers, many people to respond to, and many strangers coming to your house.  This can be a hassle and take up a lot of your time. 

Or – make it easy on yourself.  RE-DO Banshee buys several Banshees each month, and we are interested in buying yours as a package deal.  We also buy Banshee parts, so you can also clean out your garage and add that into the deal.  One and done!  Save time.  Save the hassle. 

RE-DO Banshee makes it easy and hassle-free.  Get a fair, no obligation CASH offer from us today.

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Give us a call at 541-419-6054 or fill out our contact form today.  We will be in touch with you soon.