Re-Do to the Rescue with Phone Advice 📞

Re-Do to the Rescue with Phone Advice 📞

Jacob bought a used engine from Re-Do Banshee.  Re-Do crated it and shipped it to him.  He got it installed in his Banshee and took it on a ride.  He said it was really rippin' because he jetted it based on Virgil's advice.  It had a lot of power and ran great!  Jacob was happy. 

One. Day. Later.... Jacob started up his Banshee at his house.  It started and was idling smooth, when it suddenly made a squealing sound and the engine stalled.  He tried to restart it, but it would not turn over.  Kickstarter would not budge.  Jacob called Re-Do to ask for advice. 

Virgil asked questions and walked him through checking things.  Final diagnosis?  One of the stator plate bolts came loose and wedged against the flywheel, which prevented the flywheel and the engine from turning. To tighten this bolt, the flywheel needs to be removed.

Jacob did not have a flywheel puller.  Re-Do shipped him a Motion Pro Flywheel Puller free of charge.  This is the puller we use in our shop daily, and the one we sell on our website.  It's a tool we trust, and that makes it easy for us to give precise instructions over the phone. Check out our post for step by step instructions:

What happens when the Stator Plate Bolts 🔩 come loose? 😱🤬

Virgil shared this info with Jacob, so when he received the flywheel puller, he was able to safely remove the flywheel without damage.  One stator plate bolt was damaged, so Jacob ordered 3 new bolts.  

Jacob replaced the stator plate bolts and reinstalled the flywheel and stator cover (which also covers the flywheel), foot peg, and gear shifter.  When we checked in with Jacob after he completed the repairs, he rode it for 3 hours one day, and 2 hours the next day with no issues.  That's what we like to hear. 😉

Be like Jacob.  Call Re-Do Banshee if you need advice for your Banshee. 

Also - we have now added checking the stator bolts in engines we sell as part of our regular process to avoid having this happen in the future.  

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