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Driveline Performance

Driveline Performance Custom Engine Cases, Untrenched *NEW*

Driveline Performance Custom Engine Cases, Untrenched *NEW*

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Banshee 1987-2006

These are new die cast aluminum Banshee cases that Driveline Performance has been developing for the last several years. DP has made a lot of changes to the OEM design while still retaining the stock look. DP added extra material in all the places the stock cases were lacking for today's larger stroke cranks and aftermarket cylinders.

You can trench these cases up to a 14mm stroke without any epoxy or welding. The top case can be bored and machined to fit a DM cylinder and not break through on the sides of the transfers.

These cases are offered untrenched which will fit a stock stroke crank or a 4 mill crank. You can fit a stock cylinder or any 68 mm aftermarket cylinder and have a lot more top gasket sealing area compared to OEM especially with cub or serval cylinders that have larger transfer areas.

The following items are included with every case set:

  • Top case cylinder studs: Qty = 10 (two extra longer studs for cub style cylinders)
  • Lower case studs: Qty = 8
  • Front and rear mounting dampeners: Qty = 4
  • Case/side cover locating dowels: Qty = 3
  • Cylinder locating dowels: Qty = 4
  • Shift shaft bushing: Qty = 1
  • Shift fork shaft plugs: Qty = 2
  • Kick starter assembly mounting post: Qty = 1
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