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Moto Tassinari

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Moto Tassinari V-FORCE 4 Reed Petal Replacement Kit *NEW*

Moto Tassinari V-FORCE 4 Reed Petal Replacement Kit *NEW*

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V-FORCE 4 Reed Assembly (Cage) Features:
  • Uses symmetrical reed petals, no more inner and outer petals. 
  • Incorporates the industries first and only patented snap together reed valve design. The entire assembly is completely screw free. 
  • Custom air guides specific to each individual application ensures maximum airflow. 
  • Utilizes and advances composite technology with an all new carbon fiver lay-up and resin system. This new lay-up was designed entirely around the reed cage design of the VForce 3 for superior performance and response. 
  • New improved reed stop design completely eliminates the need for retaining screws. This feature now removes any possible chance of failure. 
  • Airfoil shaped (flat on bottom/curved on top) reed tip surface increases velocity of fuel/air mixture as it passes through, creating the optimum fuel atomization. 



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